Moncler black Amiot Biker Jacket

The Amiot Jacket combines Moncler’s expertise and fearlessness to be worn on any road. Silhouetted as a biker jacket, it incorporates the brand’s signature seams, high-tech fabrics and details that keep it waterproof and high Moncler black Amiot Biker Jacket performance even in the cold. For the always-on-the-go urban spirit and for all outdoor vacations. Perfect in the mountains and on the streets.

With iconic Moncler logo patches on the arms, the Amiot jacket is not only designed for alpine adventures. Imagined with classic stitching, it combines zipper detailing and a high collar that echoes the style of cyclists, creating a cutting-edge jacket look that retains every bit of the brand’s famous functionality.

If you’ve been thinking about updating your spring/summer jacket, then Moncler is the perfect choice for you. Known for the highest quality and highest reputation, Moncler jackets are truly an investment product.

Our top pick is the distinctive Acorus cotton aviator jacket with a central zip closure and the iconic logo logo on the sleeves.

We could never do them any harm with the design and quality of Moncler jackets, so extra care should be taken with every piece. If you want a true timeless classic, we recommend the a seam bomber. This style will see you in the coming years.

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